This series was inspired by rave culture and a 1977 Free Jazz album ‘Drums, Voices, Knispel Nie’ by German Jazz percussionist Frank Köllges. Knispel Nie is a dog that can be heard reacting to Köllges’ performance. The work explores the idea of ‘now’ - the euphoric feeling one can experience at a rave, in a club, at a gig or just listening to music. Placing a dog (who lacks the negative programming and the self-conscious inhibitions of humans) in an environment like this encapsulates the joyous feeling of being free and present in the moment – not a care in the world. The text on the artwork is inspired by mixtapes and mcs of early 90s rave culture ...and other huge tunes.

Your dog, your fav song/lyrics, your piece of art. Get in touch regarding commissions. Prices from £40.

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