This series was inspired by rave culture and a 1977 Free Jazz album ‘Drums, Voices, Knispel Nie’ by German Jazz percussionist Frank Köllges. Knispel Nie is a dog that can be heard reacting to Köllges’ performance. The work explores the idea of ‘now’ - the euphoric feeling one can experience at a rave, in a club, at a gig or just listening to music. Placing a dog (who lacks the negative programming and the self-conscious inhibitions of humans) in an environment like this encapsulates the joyous feeling of being free and present in the moment – not a care in the world. It's also just dogs having an awesome time.

The text on the artwork is inspired by mixtapes, mcs and newspaper articles around early 90s rave culture ...and other huge tunes.

Your dog, your fav song/lyrics, your piece of art. Get in touch regarding commissions. Prices from £40.

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